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Highlights 2020

Economic and financial highlights

Adjusted total revenue

1,333.8 ML

+ 6.0% compared to 2019

Adjusted EBITDA

971.4 ML

+7.0% compared to
the 2019 result

Adjusted EBIT

546.8 ML

+6.0% compared to
the 2019 result

Adjusted net profit 2

345.4 ML

+0.1% compared to
the adjusted 2019 result


775.5 ML

€740.0 million in 2019

Cash flow from operating activities 3

745.0 ML

€714.4 million in 2019

Proposed dividend of


compared to the dividend
paid in 2020

Operating highlights 4

New smart meters installed


to replace traditional meters

Distribution network
extended by

1,297 Km

for an overall length of
73,000 Km

with gas distribution
service connection


(1,830 as at 31 December 2019), of which 1,804 operating (1,744 as at 31 December 2019)

Sustainability highlights

Gas Leakage Rate


(volume of fugitive emissions
of natural gas/volume of gas distributed)

Energy intensity


reduction on 2019 (calculated as the ration of total Group energy consumption and energy distributed)

Scope 2 Emissions


following the purchase of electricity produced from certified renewable sources

Hours of training provided

more than 20,000

on digitisation-related

1For the economic and financial analyses for the financial year 2020, the company considered it more representative to comment on the adjusted results, i.e. the recurring results, comparing them with the non-adjusted recurring results for the financial year 2019.
2Adjusted net profit refers to the adjusted amount attributable to the Italgas Group, net of the portion attributable to minority interests.
3Net of the effects deriving from IFRS 15.
4Considering the affiliates over which Italgas does not exercise control.