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2020 Integrated Annual Report
Changing Perspectives
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Looking for new ways to meet the needs of a constantly changing reality.

And improve it

our 2020 in numbers

We are a solid organisation that guarantees impressive results

+6% total revenue over 2019

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+7% EBITDA over 2019

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+6% operating profit

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€777.5 million invested

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We take care of all aspects of personal and professional growth

over 20,000 hours
of training on digitisation

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90% participation in welfare programs

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50 digital workshops on digital transformation attended by 1,200 employees

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With strong presence across the country, our Group companies bring energy and contribute to the growth of local communities

network extending over 73,000 km

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over 1 million smart meters installed in 2020 alone

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awarded gas distribution services in 1,887 municipalities

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Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders, We decided to open a new reporting season by publishing Italgas’ first Integrated Annual Report. The idea is to effectively and transparently represent the company’s ability to create value over time, as well as the underlying link between strategic priorities, governance decisions, risk management, financial performance and the environmental and economic context in which the Company operates.
Paolo Gallo Italgas CEO
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Innovation and digitization:
our way to look at the future